Have Your Rings Checked Once a Year

Broken Ring

This picture is a sad one. No one (especially us) likes to see an engagement ring in such a sad state.

But there is one really happy thing about this picture, one bright, shining, glorious thing...do you see it?

The diamond is still there!

That's right, all too often I see women and men come in after having lost a stone from one of their most beloved and sentimental pieces of jewelry. My heart goes out to them. And of course I can find them a replacement stone, but when I ask when was the last time they had their rings checked—many times I see a blank stare.

Have your rings checked once a year.

Rings, especially ones worn every day like engagement and wedding rings take a lot of abuse. They can get knocked around a little and once there is a bent prong or a loose stone, it's just a matter of time before one or more stones will fall out.

It bears repeating: have your rings checked by a professional once a year. Let's call it healthy maintenance for those pieces of jewelry that are not only sentimental, but by their very nature are simply priceless.

So I encourage you to stop into East Towne Jewelers today and we'll take a look at your rings, or any other jewelry that may be in need of repair. We're much happier repairing a special piece of jewelry for you than trying to find you a replacement for something that is so precious.


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