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Custom jewelry, designed just for you!

From one-of-a-kind to classic jewelry, from modern to heirloom-inspired styles when you choose East Towne Jewelers Custom Jewelry Design Service, we’ll spend time with you discussing what you are looking for and then create a special jewelry design that is just what you are looking for. Whether you know exactly what you want or you only have an idea of the color stones you would like, we’ll create a special piece of jewelry just for you.

To create our custom jewelry, we work in gold, platinum or silver and gem stones. First we’ll put together a drawing. Then we’ll develop a three-dimensional wax mold. Finally, the finished piece will be cast.

"Often the ideas my customers bring to me are the stepping stone for the design. My goal is to make sure I listen first, then together we have a clear vision of the final piece."

— Mary Seramur, Jewelry Designer

Custom Jewelry Design from East Towne Jewelers

Bass Clef Custom Jewelry Designed Pendant | East Towne JewelersBass Clef Pendant

This pendant was designed for a mother who wanted to surprise her daughter with a very special gift of custom and unique jewelry for graduation—honoring her chosen instrument, the bass.

When we discussed the custom jewelry design, she was able to bring us an actual bass string. I used the bass string as the neck wire.

The pendant itself was designed as a musical staff with a silver bass clef and two bezel set opals. The graduate was totally amazed and loved the idea incorporating the bass string in to her very own special designed jewelry.

Flying Pig Pendant

This custom jewelry design was created as a gift after and life-saving gift.

After his wife had donated one of her kidneys to him, a customer of ours wanted to have a very special piece of jewelry made just for her. Her favorite animal was a pig. He asked out customer jewelry designer to create something with a pig in the design. The custom jewelry design he chose is in the shape of a flying girl pig with a flowing plaid dress and a pearl necklace.

The custom-designed jewelry is designed in 14kt yellow and white gold with a small white opal and pearls. The piece is designed to be versatile so it can be worn as either a pendant or a brooch.

Fly Pig Custom Jewelry Designed Pendant | East Towne Jewelers

Morse Code Custom Designed Brooch | East Towne Jewelers

Morse Code Pendant / Brooch

A regular customer of ours wanted to create a special piece of custom jewelry using Morse code. He had used Morse code as a radio operator during the war and wanted to spell “I LOVE YOU” on a pendant/brooch.

This particular customer often brings us interesting concepts and leaves it to our custom jewelry designer to bring them to life. We agreed on an elongated diamond shape pendant in 14kt yellow gold.

The custom jewelry design includes color inserts that fit behind the piece, but most often the piece is worn without, so whatever color she is wearing shows through.

The best part is the handmade wooden box to keep the piece in with a secret Morse code message on top.

Let’s design custom jewelry for you.

If you would like to have a very special piece of custom jewelry designed for a loved one, a special friend, or something for yourself stop in East Towne Jewelers today and we’ll work with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry you will love for years to come.

Custom Bridal Jewelry

We certainly have lots of gorgeous bridal jewelry in the store. But some brides prefer to have something that is truly one-of-a-kind. Often there is a special stone or heirloom jewelry brides want to use for their special day. Others want to design something completely new that will have sentimental meaning for years to come.

One such bride worked with our jewelry designer to create bridal earrings for her big day. The pearl and diamond earrings were designed by the bride herself. If you would like to us design jewelry for your wedding, visit us today.

Custom Diamond Pendant

When you have something in mind and just can't seem to find is anywhere—that's where we come in. As a custom jewelry designer, we can create anything you can dream up. Here is a piece we recently created for a customer. You can see the process from the initial drawing we created with the customer to the CAD design to the wax form to the final one-of-a-kind piece made just for her!

See more of our custom jewelry designs.

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