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Don’t banish old jewelry to the back of the closet:
Try Jewelry Repurposing!

We all have those pieces of jewelry hidden away that we no longer wear for whatever reason—rings that don’t fit, earrings that are not really your style any longer, or maybe a bracelet you just never really liked. Take our advice: try repurposing jewelry to your current taste and style!

All the jewelry you store away in safe deposit boxes or hide in drawers or the back of your jewelry armoire and never wear, can be re-purposed into something you really love. Mary Seramur, East Towne Jeweler’s owner is an expert at repurposing jewelry to create amazing new pieces out of stones and components of existing jewelry.

A ring is a ring…or a necklace?

A ring doesn’t have to be a ring. Just as a necklace, earrings, pendant, brooch, hair pin, watch, or other piece of jewelry doesn’t have to remain as they were originally designed. East Towne Jewelers can create and entirely new piece of custom repurposed jewelry. Your old ring can become a beautiful pendant, earrings, or simply a different style ring. Repurposing an old and unworn piece of jewelry can become an irreplaceable treasure.

"For me, it is a thrill, to be entrusted with the process of taking old or unworn jewelry and transforming it to wearable art with a connection to the past."

— Mary Seramur, Jewelry Designer

Repurposing Jewelry from East Towne Jewelers

Repurposing Two Rings

If a piece of jewelry no longer holds the sentimental value it once did, it may be time to make it into something new. We have a client who had two rings that had beautiful stones, but they were gifts from a previous relationship.

We talked about many different ways the stones from the jewelry could be repurposed into new rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. Together we worked on several designs and finally arrived at the jewelry you see here: Four new rings and a pair of earrings!

Original Jewelry Repurposed to New | East Towne Jeweler | Mequon WI
Repurposed Jewelry | East Towne Jewelers Mequon WI

Repurposing Jewelry Old to New

Here is a great example of how we were able to repurpose a single bracelet into several pieces of new jewelry for a customer of ours. In the first two photos below you can see the original bracelet, which had both sapphires and diamonds. You can see the red and green wax we used during the design process to create the new rings.

A Repurposed Pocket Watch Now a Lovely Locket

Family heirloom pocket watch repurposed and converted to a lovely locket. The very definition of repurposing: a common man's timepiece to a beautiful and wearable locket pendant.

A Repurposed Emerald Ring

An old emerald and diamond ring was repurposed with the same stones in a brand-new style in both yellow and white gold.

Three Old Rings Combined to One Lovely Piece

This ring design was a collaboration with our customer. Our designer Mary suggested an asymmetrical grouping of the stones, and the customer loved the idea. She had three older rings and wanted to combine them into one in rose gold. Here you see first the computer drawing with ring and then the final piece. Here's a note from the customer:

"I cannot express in words how much I love the ring! Jerry just shared it with me and I am struck speechless. It is so divine. Thank you, it means so much to us."

A Repurposed Brooch Becomes a Necklace

This platinum and diamond antique brooch gets worn more often as a necklace with a 18kt white gold chain.

Repurposing a Compact to a Cuff Bracelet

This was a fun piece of jewelry to create. We turned a solid gold compact into a beautiful cuff bracelet.

Redesigning a Pendant

We took the original diamond pendant (on the left) and modified it slightly, then added diamonds from an engagement ring and a tennis bracelet.

Stones from Multiple Pieces of Jewelry to Create a Pendant

Here we took the stones from all of the pieces of jewelry on the left and designed a new pendant necklace.

Repurpose a Bracelet to Create Two Rings

Don’t get much use out of an old piece or jewelry, but love the stones? Let’s make something new together! Below the stones were used from the bracelet pictured and we designed two new rings.

Let’s repurpose something for you.

If you would like to have a piece of jewelry you own repurposed to create something new, stop in East Towne Jewelers today and we’ll work with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry you will love for years to come.

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