Repurposed Ring of Circles

Several years ago I purchased a diamond ring for myself. It was a pretty art deco style ring with 24 white diamonds in a white gold square setting. I wore it often.

Diamond-Circles-RingOne morning while I was putting it on I dropped the ring. One of the tiny diamonds went skidding across the floor. Luckily I noticed it and was able to find the diamond and keep it safe. But not only did I now have a ring with a stone missing, I also was afraid I would lose more of the diamonds. So, off to the back of my jewelry box it went.

I thought, ‘one day I’ll have the ring inspected and repaired.’ The problem was, I got busy and actually forgot about the ring completely. It lay buried in that jewelry box for 8 years!

Then I met Mary Seramur and she told me she could make the ring into something new. So we talked about the different options. I showed her other rings I owned and loved. We looked at other rings she had in the store. Finally I decided I loved this style.

A wax mold was made so I could see what the finished piece would look like.

I love love LOVE this new (old) ring of mine! It’s so unique. I love that it looks like the diamonds are all different sizes, but they are all the same, from the same ring. It’s casual and dressy at the same time. It goes with every outfit I own.

I really enjoyed the process and am thrilled with my beautiful new ring.

— Ellen,  Germantown, WI