The Rings

One of our happy customers sent us this story or a ring we repurposed for her. We are thrilled she agreed to allow us to share her story with you.


“These rings have history, as well as a future. The original set of rings (which consisted of an engagement ring, a wedding band, and a guard ring) belonged to my grandmother. My grandparents were married in 1942, and were happily married for almost 65 years before my grandfather passed away in 2007. The rings have been through all life has to offer, through good times and bad. They have raised children, developed new business, seen rewards and hardships, traveled the world, and have had the comfort of a real home and family.

“My grandmother wore her rings every day, through everything. She wore them cleaning dishes, cooking meals, decorating houses, celebrating birthdays and holidays, and playing with children and grandchildren. She wore them playing tennis, swimming in the ocean, playing bridge with friends, and beating her grandchildren at double solitaire and ping-pong. She wore them supporting my grandfather as he worked his business, through retirement, and while caring for him as he aged. She wore them through a wonderful marriage and beyond, until the day she died.


“These rings are a symbol of love, commitment, and a partnership filled with respect. When my then boyfriend and I knew we were serious about getting married, I decided that rather than choosing a new ring, I wanted to use these. I found a wonderful jeweler in East Town Jewelers and they were willing to work with us. We started the process of having the rings remade.

“As one might guess, after more than 65 years of daily wear, they needed some help. The metal was worn, and many of the small rubies from the guard ring were crushed. My grandmother also had tiny fingers, so her size 4 rings were simply not going to fit me. They needed to be fixed, or remade completely. While I was looking to have them fixed and updated a bit, I have always loved her rings, and wanted to keep the style true to the original.

“We saved 5 of the in-tact rubies (the ruby is also my birthstone) from the guard ring, and moved the diamond baguettes from the engagement ring to be placed on each side of the rubies for a wedding ring. We got 2 new ruby baguettes, and placed them where the diamond baguettes were originally, on each side of the main diamond in the engagement ring. The setting is very close to the original, with just a few adjustments and swapping of stones to recreate the rings and add a personal touch.

“The original center diamond in the engagement ring represents a long future, and the commitment to everything that our lives together will bring. The ruby baguettes represent me and my husband as we begin our lives together, hence the new stones. The old stones in the wedding band represent family, the successful and loving marriage they have already witnessed, and stand as a reminder of what love can endure.the-ring-3

“I look forward to wearing these rings throughout our lives together, every day, until the day I die. If we stay even half as happy and devoted to one another as my grandparents did, I know we’ll have a wonderful future.”