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Jewelry Repurposing Testimonial

Do you have rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces that are sitting sadly unworn in the bottom of your dresser drawer? Do you have heirloom jewelry with sentimental value but doesn’t quite fit your style? Are you looking for a way to redesign your wedding band or engagement ring after a divorce?

Many of our customers inherited pieces of jewelry, gifts from a loved one, or pieces that once held sentimental value but are simply not their style. It’s a shame to have these beautiful stones hidden away. Repurposing these pieces—creating new jewelry from old and unworn—can be an exciting experience and leave you with a custom piece (or pieces) of jewelry you can both use and cherish.

Giving an old engagement ring new life—a testimony of repurposed jewelry

Meet one of our loyal customers at East Towne Jewelers who rediscovered the beauty of her long-forgotten jewelry by giving it a new purpose. This customer is one of our regulars at East Towne Jewelers and her repurposed jewelry has brought her such joy that she wanted to share her story with the world.

Many years ago, this customer went through a divorce. Like lots of other people in the world—it happens. Over the years that she was married, she accumulated a few pieces of nice jewelry including a wedding ring. After her divorce, these pieces lost their sentimental value and she no longer wore them. She didn’t want to sell them, so they lived a lonely life in the bottom of her jewelry box, seemingly never to see the light of day. These were lovely gems, so why should they stay hidden away?

“Let’s design something you will wear!”

Original Jewelry Repurposed to New | East Towne Jeweler | Mequon WI


She was shopping at East Towne Jewelers for a gift and mentioned to Mary Seramur (East Towne Jeweler’s owner and jewelry designer) that she had a lot of jewelry she never wore. Mary suggested, “Let’s redesign it into something you WILL wear.” She hadn’t thought of that! She was so excited at the possibilities as she went home to pull those pieces out from the dark.

This customer spent some time searching for ideas, looking on Pinterest, and checking out others’ jewelry. She started with two diamond rings, each with several gemstones to play with. In total, there were:

  • 4 round emeralds
  • 1 emerald cut aquamarine
  • 20 round cut diamonds
  • 2 trillion cut diamonds
  • 1 marquise cut diamond

She liked the idea of creating new rings from the old, so she brought the rings to Mary and shared some ideas with her. She made some sketches on paper as we talked. Next, she did a couple of CAD drawings from her sketches.

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We started with stacking rings.

She immediately settled on creating two stacking rings from the four emeralds and four of the round diamonds. Mary suggested alternating a round disk with the stones, and the client loved the idea! These two rings are so versatile. She can wear them together, alone, or with other rings. She told us she often stacks them with another simple silver band.

Next, we paired the aquamarine with six of the tiny round diamonds and the two trillions. The aquamarine was so dainty. Mary sketched a wider bezel setting so it could accommodate the small flush-mounted diamonds. Her original drawing shows it horizontal, but when she added each trillion center diamond, she thought it would look nice in a vertical orientation.

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Thinking beyond the shape of a diamond.

With three amazing rings now complete, the client was stuck on what to do with the marquise-cut diamond. She was no longer a fan of the shape, so we decided to think beyond that shape. Together we came up with a design for mounting the diamond inside an oval shape, which turned out to be a gorgeous solution. It’s one of her favorite pieces of jewelry now. We took a diamond she didn’t know what to do with and turned it into something that is a little bit fun, a little bit fancy, and one that draws a lot of compliments!

Rings can even be made into earrings.

Now she had six of the smaller round diamonds and four of the larger ones. We had so many possibilities to consider. Another ring? Some kind of necklace? Earrings! Mary designed earrings of two simple bars and flush mounted five diamonds evenly on each. Lever hooks make these earrings not only lovely, but comfortable to wear.

This client went from having useless old wedding jewelry that no longer held any sentimental value, and with the design talent of her favorite jeweler, she now has five amazing pieces of jewelry that she wears all the time!

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Why should I repurpose my unused jewelry like this customer?

Don’t hide your outdated or ill-fitting jewelry away where it’s no longer seen—give it a makeover! East Towne Jeweler’s owner, Mary Seramur, is a true expert in converting existing jewelry components into a gorgeous new piece, tailored specifically to your taste and style.

There are many engagement rings and family heirloom jewelry out there going to waste. With the right redesign, you can turn that antique ring or outdated pair of earrings into a cherished piece you wear daily. Here are just a few benefits of repurposing:

1. You get to be creative.

You can unleash your inner artist with our jewelry redesign service! While we’re happy to offer direction if desired, but ultimately the design is all about you. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

  • Transform a brooch into a ring.
  • Create a right-hand ring with side gemstones from a pendant necklace.
  • Transform a string of pearls by shortening their length or combining them with other pearls.
  • Swap out a silver for a gold setting or any other precious metal of your choice.
  • Replace old or lost stones with brilliant new gems.

The list goes on! Let us help you create a unique and personalized piece that perfectly suits your taste.

2. It saves you money!

You can save yourself hundreds of dollars by redesigning the jewelry you already have. By providing the raw materials, we can create a more modern piece without you paying for new precious or semi-precious gemstones a jeweler would usually provide. Rather, you’re paying only for our time, any additional materials, and our experience.

Normally, with a new piece of jewelry, you are paying a jeweler’s retail price for the design and materials. However, you can reduce this cost by using your own precious metal and gems. With the price of gold at an all-time high, melting old jewelry into new designs can potentially save you a lot of money. Add more pieces to your collection and keep more cash in your pocket!

3. Vintage jewelry is unique.

Choosing a vintage stone over a new one can offer unique advantages. Vintage gemstones have undeniable character, and pairing them with newer cuts can create a subtle yet elegant contrast. Antique stones are often hand-cut with irregular shapes and interesting traits, making them imperfectly perfect. Once the stones are removed and the gold is melted down, you have a fresh canvas to bring your dream piece to life.

In modern times, casting has become the predominant method used to create jewelry. However, in the previous eras, antique and vintage jewelry was almost always crafted by hand or at least finished by hand, especially in the case of newer vintage jewelry. Even in high-end modern jewelry, it is difficult to find the same level of quality and skill demonstrated in old pieces. In the past, outstandingly talented artisans spent considerable time creating pieces for wealthy clients, resulting in a level of workmanship that is more intricate than even today’s top-quality jewelry.

4. You can maintain sentimental value.

People often worry about losing the sentimental value of vintage pieces when repurposing them, but we assure you that it’s possible to honor the original while still creating something new and beautiful. You have the flexibility to change as much or as little as you like, preserving sentimental features while making the piece more appropriate for your style.

Your jewelry has a story to tell, and you don’t have to let that go! Take your heirloom diamond necklace, silver bracelet, or sapphire pendant and use it as inspiration for your own chapter of its story! One piece can even become many to share with other members of the family.

Why should I trust East Towne Jewelers with my diamond ring or other precious jewelry?

For over 38 years, East Towne Jewelers has established itself as the go-to jewelry expert in the Milwaukee and Mequon area. Our reputation is built on fostering relationships with every customer we serve.

Our accomplished team works diligently to ensure every jewelry-buying experience is unforgettable. You can count on us to share our expertise and provide the confidence you need to make the right purchase.

Our dedication to exceeding expectations with personalized customer service, style, and value guarantees that you will love your jewelry. Whether you require a simple repair to a cherished family heirloom or the incorporation of a rare and unusual gemstone into a custom design, you can count on us to take your original pieces and make something magical.

Stop in with your old jewelry and consult with our team today!

Repurposing jewelry doesn’t just mean refurbishing it – it means reimagining it. Your old pieces have endless potential to be turned into earrings, pendants, brooches, hairpins, watches, or something entirely new! Trust East Towne Jewelers to craft a beautiful custom piece, making old jewelry an irreplaceable treasure among your collection.

The end of a marriage doesn’t have to mean the end of your jewelry! Reach out to East Towne Jewelers to help you transform your forgotten treasures into a new meaningful piece of art. Come in today and open the box of possibilities!

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