Breathing New Life Into Heirloom Jewelry

Amazing Ways to Repurpose Heirloom Jewelry

Repurposing Jewelry | East Towne Jewelers | Mequon, WIAre you wondering what to do with old rings and antique necklaces that have been gathering dust for years at the back of your dresser drawer? Did you inherit pieces of fine jewelry that don’t match your style but are too sentimental to give away? It might be time to repurpose and make stunning new jewelry from old gems!

Transforming outdated or damaged jewelry into cherished heirlooms allows you to preserve family history in a fresh and beautiful way. By repurposing gemstones or melting metal from old pieces, you can create personalized keepsakes that will be treasured for the next generations to come. This process not only upgrades the look but also preserves the sentimental value of the original piece. At East Towne Jewelers in Mequon, our creative redesign services are here to let your style shine through as you honor cherished memories with revamped designs.

Why Should You Redesign Your Heirloom Jewelry?

Repurposing heirloom jewelry can be a thoughtful and creative way to breathe new life into pieces that may hold sentimental value but have become outdated. Here are several reasons why you might want to create a new treasure from an old piece:

  1. Sentimental Value: Old jewelry often carries emotional value, such as pieces inherited from loved ones or received on special occasions. Repurposing allows you to continue cherishing those memories in a new form.
  2. Personalization: You can transform outdated or generic pieces into something that better reflects your current style and preferences. This allows you to personalize the jewelry to better suit your taste.
  3. Cost-Effective: Repurposing old jewelry can be more cost-effective than buying new pieces. If you’re looking at purchasing an engagement ring, you can reuse precious metals and gemstones, reducing the overall cost of the final product.
  4. Eco-Friendly: Recycling and repurposing jewelry is environmentally friendly. It reduces the demand for newly mined metals and gemstones, contributing to sustainability efforts in the jewelry industry.
  5. Creative Expression: If you have an artsy and craftsy side, repurposing old jewelry provides an opportunity to unleash your creative juices. While our East Towne jewelers are here to inspire and guide you, we encourage you to create a piece that tells your story.
  6. Upcycling: Transforming old jewelry is a form of upcycling, which is the process of converting old or discarded materials into something of higher quality or value. This can be a great way to make old jewelry more valuable.
  7. Modernization: Older jewelry may have a classic design that can be updated to a more modern and contemporary style. This ensures that you can continue to wear the piece while keeping up with current fashion trends.
  8. Restoration: If your old jewelry is damaged or worn, repurposing can involve restoring it to its former glory. This might include repairing or replacing stones, fixing clasps, or re-plating metals.
  9. Family Heirlooms: If you have family heirlooms that are not being used, repurposing allows you to create something meaningful that can be passed down to future generations.
  10. Unique Designs: Repurposing provides the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that you won’t find in any store. It’s a chance to have something truly unique and tailored to your lifestyle and taste.

The Story Behind Your Family Heirloom Jewelry

Yellow Gold Diamond Ring Custom Made from Old Watch Diamonds East Towne JewelersThe emotional value of our possessions is often underestimated. But it’s the items with sentimental value that hold a special place in our hearts. And when it comes to emotional connection, jewels passed down through generations take the crown.

Heirloom engagement and wedding rings have a rich history, changing hands and ending up in your possession. They carry immense sentimental and often financial value.

If you’re lucky enough to inherit antique diamond jewelry or other cherished piece, you may be wondering what to do with it. Before making a decision, find out its story. Imagine the tales your family ring could tell if it could speak. It may have endured wars, marriages and breakups, and countless moves before finally finding its way to you.

At East Towne Jewelers, we are honored to take part in remembering your family’s history with heirloom jewelry redesign. Our clients’ stories often inspire the final product, so if you can, come prepared with a story to tell!

The financial value of your heirloom ring may be comparable to a modern ring. But when you consider the sentimental value, it becomes priceless!

Choose Your Redesign with Care

You have numerous options when it comes to what you can do with your engagement ring or the diamond or gemstone within it. There is no wrong choice—it’s all about personal preference and creativity.

The beauty and brilliance of those antique diamond earrings are only eclipsed by the rich history embedded within them. Each aged sapphire broach tells a chapter of the journey it took to reach you. Every ruby necklace has a reason for ending up in your hands. Whatever the piece, it deserves careful consideration for its future!

Finding the Perfect Jeweler

When it comes to working on your heirloom ring or other jewelry, don’t let any jeweler handle your irreplaceable treasure. It’s crucial to find a qualified jeweler. Our team at East Towne Jewelers has the expertise and experience to create a stunning piece that lasts a lifetime. We will assist you in making changes or completely redesigning your family heirloom, ensuring your new piece speaks to your unique vision.

You may be tempted to walk into a big box store or even ship your beloved items to a jeweler you found online, but your family heirlooms deserve better. When you partner with East Towne Jewelers, you know you and your precious pieces will be treated with the highest level of service.

How to Give Your Old Ring a New Life

Rings are one of the most common items brought in to East Towne Jewelers for repurposing. Whether it’s a wedding ring, right-hand ring, class ring, or veteran’s ring, it holds unlimited potential. If you’re taking a look at redesigning your old family heirloom ring, there are a few things to consider.

Decide how much you want to change your heirloom jewelry.

When it comes to making changes to old engagement rings, we advise our clients to consider their desired level of change. Some clients aim to completely transform the look and feel of their ring, often opting for a less traditional or conventional style as they enter a new phase of life.

Before embarking on the design process, it’s crucial to determine certain details. Do you envision a more glamorous or simple ring? Are you drawn to a different metal such as platinum or yellow gold? It’s essential to decide whether you want to incorporate colored gemstones or side stones, if you’ll be wearing it with a band, and whether you prefer a traditional or fashion-forward aesthetic.

Keep in mind, a ring doesn’t have to stay a ring! Decide if another ring is truly what you would like or if there’s a different jewelry option that better suits your style. At East Towne Jewelers, we redesign wedding rings into something completely different all the time!

Focus on larger and more valuable stones.

When it comes to resetting heirloom wedding rings, there are several options. If the stone is of good quality, it can be reset into a new setting, and the metal can even be recast. Alternatively, you can explore different designs using the metal or save it for future repurposing or resizing.

If you have a family piece that feels outdated, focus on reusing the larger stones. Our in-house jewelry designer can create a new piece that highlights these valuable elements, while smaller diamonds can be used to enhance the design or saved for a separate piece, such as a wedding or stack band. Before designing a new piece, it’s important to check the quality of the stones to ensure they are not damaged or chipped.

For a modern twist on a classic look, consider recreating the original design with a more contemporary setting. Adding side gemstones for a three-stone design is a popular choice. Consult with East Towne Jewelers to explore different options and embrace the advancements in jewelry design that offer refined and sleeker styles compared to older pieces.

Consider incorporating other old jewelry.

If you have other sentimental heirloom pieces, they can easily be incorporated into your ring redesign to offer even more creative possibilities. Have a special necklace that holds cherished memories? We can transform it into a unique piece for you. Here’s how we work our magic: first, we carefully remove the stones from each item and assess their quality. Then, we select and match stones that complement each other, creating a harmonious design. You’ll be amazed by the beautiful creations we can make by blending stones from different pieces. Quality and scale are our top priorities when mixing stones, ensuring an exquisite end result.

Working with precious metals and gemstones.

Transform your old gold into a stunning new piece of stylish and classic jewelry with our jewelry remodeling service. Whether you have an old gold ring, pendant, earrings, or even just a small piece, we can alter or melt it down to create something new while preserving your favorite aspects.

Silver and Gold

At East Towne Jewelers, we partner with a metalsmith, allowing us to recast your jewelry into a unique masterpiece. We can even combine multiple pieces to create a wider stacked ring using your multiple gold rings.

To reuse your old gold, we will carefully melt it down and assess its potential. As part of this process, we check the purity of the metal, as older jewelry may have been made with a lower grade of gold.

If it’s not suitable for reuse, don’t worry. We can still incorporate parts of it into a new piece. For example, we can reset the stones into a new design or create a custom piece that combines the old gold or silver with something new.

Precious Gemstones

We also take great care with any gemstones in your jewelry. Delicate stones like emeralds can easily fracture, so if they can’t be safely removed, we’ll use the entire setting to ensure their preservation.

Remodeled gemstones can be turned into wedding bands, necklaces, hoop earrings, and more. Bring in your rubies, emeralds, sapphire, or pearls, and let’s give them an upgraded place in your life!

A new home for your heirloom diamond jewelry.

If you’re sitting on an heirloom wedding ring with a shiny center rock, consider resetting it into something fresh.

Try Classic Diamond Earrings

Unleash the potential of your loose diamonds and create a truly unique set of earrings that reflects your personal style. From elegant chandeliers to timeless studs, the possibilities are endless. Add more stones or let their individual beauty shine, the choice is yours.

Express Yourself with Fashion Rings

Take your family jewelry and design a fashion ring that captures your unique vision. Whether it’s for everyday wear or special occasions, fashion rings are a versatile and stylish way to repurpose your diamonds or other gems. Stand out from the crowd with a one-of-a-kind piece that perfectly represents you.

Showcase Your Diamonds in a Necklace

Elevate your diamond redesign with a stunning necklace that puts your stones front and center. From pendants to chokers, there are countless ways to display your diamonds in a fashion-forward manner. Let your diamonds shine and be admired for their exquisite beauty.

Make a Statement with Custom Bracelets

Turn an old piece of jewelry with a diamond into a custom bracelet that adds an elegant touch to your wrist. Make it a charm bracelet with a very special charm!

The Ultimate Symbol of Love: Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Start a new story with your sentimental diamonds by incorporating them into an engagement ring or wedding band. Whether as a center stone or accent stone, repurposing diamonds for these special moments is a truly meaningful way to honor their legacy.

It’s Time To Propose—With Your Beloved Heirlooms! Two Repurposed Rings to One Modern Design

When love is in the air, you may be searching for the perfect engagement ring with a story as unique as yours. Repurposing diamonds and gemstones is a sustainable and affordable option that gives you full control over the final product. Create your own engagement ring by reusing inherited jewelry or reviving a vintage ring. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also preserve the history of these precious pieces. It’s easy to say “yes” with stunning redesigned wedding rings!

Take It Up A Notch With Upcycled Jewelry

Join the movement of transforming discarded items and materials into stunning jewelry pieces. Upcycling jewelry not only gives new life to forgotten treasures, but it also helps reduce waste, manufacturing costs, and our impact on the environment.

From restringing charms and pendants onto recycled chains to wire-wrapping crystals and repurposing gemstones, the art of upcycling allows you to create upscale jewelry from old “junk.” Upcycling is the ultimate way to get sustainable style!

Thinking Outside the Jewelry Box

Since you have jewelry on your mind, you may be stuck thinking creating more jewelry is your only option. Think again! When we say the possibilities are endless at East Towne Jewelers, we truly mean it. If jewelry isn’t your thing, consider taking that old engagement ring or antique earrings and taking something else in your life up a level.

Get Inspired by East Towne

Explore a few of our repurposed jewelry creations from our satisfied Milwaukee and Waukesha area clients:

Old flame into new icing:

Imagine turning a reminder of a past relationship into a dazzling piece of custom jewelry! That’s exactly what we did for one client. She had two rings with exquisite stones, but they wanted to update the pieces for a fresh start. She didn’t just get one new ring out of them—she got four and more!

Together, we brainstormed endless possibilities for repurposing the gemstones. After carefully considering various options, we settled on four new rings and a stunning pair of earrings. The result? A gorgeous collection that perfectly represents our client’s journey. Read her story here: Creating New Jewelry from Old

Family watch into gorgeous locket:

We also took a family heirloom pocket watch and transformed it into a stunning locket pendant. Witness the true definition of repurposing: a timepiece for the everyday man, now an exquisite and wearable accessory!

Antique emerald reset into gold: For this client we redesigned an old emerald and diamond ring, incorporating the same stones into a brand-new style in both yellow and white gold. An elegant blend of tradition and modernity that will leave you breathless.

Uniting three into a spectacular single:

We collaborated with another client who had three older rings and desired a single, unified piece in rose gold. Our talented designer, Mary, suggested an asymmetrical arrangement of the stones, and the client instantly fell in love with the idea. Take a peek at the initial computer drawing and the final breathtaking creation.

Experience the magic of repurposed heirloom jewelry for yourself!

At East Towne Jewelers, we pride ourselves on reviving cherished heirloom jewelry to create an unparalleled, truly yours piece. Experience the transformation, the artistry, and the beauty of repurposed heirloom jewelry. It’s time to wake up your tired jewelry and make something that fits you to a T. Stop into our Mequon location and see what new treasure we can create together!

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