The Ultimate Jewelry Gift Guide

Jewelry Gift-Giving Guide in Mequon WIBirthdays, anniversaries, holidays—there’s always an occasion coming up, and the gift search can feel overwhelming. Finding the right gift can be a challenge with each person on your gift list having different tastes and preferences. But fear not. East Towne Jewelers has you covered!

We’re experts in helping our clients in the Ozaukee, Washington, Milwaukee, and Waukesha county areas choose the perfect jewelry gift for their loved ones. Whether it’s a graduation, wedding, or Mother’s Day gift, East Towne Jewelers can find you a present that will be cherished for a lifetime.

We’ve put together a guide to help you find the perfect gift idea you’ve been looking for.

Milestone Moments

Celebrate your accomplishments and milestones with the elegance of jewelry. Whether it’s a personal achievement or a significant moment in someone else’s life, jewelry is a meaningful way to commemorate the occasion.

It could be the birth of a baby, graduating from college at an older age, or even sticking to a New Year’s resolution. Milestones come in various forms, both obvious and personal.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some unique milestones and accomplishments you may not have considered. We’ve paired them with the perfect jewelry pieces to capture those special moments.

1. Graduation

Completing high school, college, or trade school is always a significant achievement. Consider commemorating this milestone with a useful piece like a ring, suitable for both men and women. Pearl jewelry is also a popular choice for women as it symbolizes the start of adulthood.

2. Wedding

A wedding is undoubtedly one of life’s most momentous occasions. Accessories like chains, cuff links, or valets make excellent choices for the groom. The bride might appreciate an elegant piece such as a classic yellow gold necklace or a simple pendant to enhance her bridal attire.

3. Birth of a Baby

After nine months of anticipation, the arrival of a new baby deserves recognition. Show appreciation for the new mom’s hard work during pregnancy with a thoughtful “push gift.” Try statement earrings with gold and the baby’s birthstone to commemorate the occasion or a birthstone necklace.

4. Personal Achievement

Don’t forget to commemorate personal achievements, whether completing a marathon, learning a new skill, landing a dream job, or purchasing a first home. Instead of the typical champagne, surprise them with a meaningful piece of jewelry. This is a great opportunity for a creative personalized piece, one of our favorite things we offer at East Towne Jewelers!

Annual Celebrations

Life is filled with countless birthdays, holidays, and other special moments. When someone means a lot to you, it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate a special occasion. And what better way to show your care and adoration than with a beautiful piece of jewelry?

1. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the most obvious romantic jewelry-giving occasion. Depending on the stage of your relationship, you can choose from various meaningful pieces. If you’re still in the early stages of a romance, consider a simple piece suitable for everyday wear, like stud earrings with cubic zirconia stones. Gold jewelry is a great way to step it up if you’re further along in your relationship.

Consider a more expensive piece for long-established relationships, such as a heart-shaped pendant, ring, or earrings with natural diamonds. Choose high-quality jewelry in gold or silver that will stand the test of time.

2. Her Birthday

Birthdays come yearly, so be prepared with multiple ideas for a meaningful present. Birthstone jewelry can be an excellent idea. Finding out her birthstone shows you’ve gone the extra mile to pick something personal for her.

If birthstone jewelry doesn’t suit her taste, consider a piece representing her birth month in another way, such as drawing inspiration from her zodiac sign or birth month’s flower. You can also choose jewelry that matches her personality and style, such as a simplistic diamond tennis bracelet, tasteful ring, or cute necklace.

3. The Holiday Season

No matter which holiday you and your loved one celebrate, the holiday season is the perfect time to give a jewelry gift. This time of year is all about generosity and celebrating loved ones, and there’s no better way to do that than with a gorgeous piece of jewelry.
Opt for cute and seasonally-themed pieces like wreath-shaped earrings or a sterling silver snowflake pendant. Check out East Towne Jewelers’ holiday jewelry guide for even more yuletide inspiration!

4. Marking Relationship Milestones

Your anniversary is a special milestone in your relationship, whether you’re married or not. The type of gift you use to symbolize love will depend on your status. For uncommitted relationships, celebrate your love with a classic piece, like an elegant gold chain, bracelet studded with gems, or drop earrings. Once you’re married, anniversary gift choices become easier. An anniversary ring is a common and excellent choice. But did you know each year is associated with a traditional material, some of which lend themselves well to jewelry? For example, the 14th year is dedicated to gold jewelry, while the 19th year is jade. These anniversaries are perfect for gifting a stunning piece to symbolize your commitment and love. The experts at East Towne Jewelers can help you choose the perfect materials to commemorate each anniversary.

Just Because You Love Her

For girlfriends, fiancees, and wives, jewelry is popular among romantics. Opt for timeless pieces rather than the typical heart-themed items to make a lasting impression. Consider a stunning tennis necklace with precious gemstones, a pair of sparkling hoops, or a dazzling band to complement a ring stack. You can also go for other pieces, such as a baroque pearl pendant or a modern design featuring iridescent beads. If you need to be further inspired to avoid a cliche attempt at a romantic present, our East Towne Jewelers experts can help you find a gift she’ll absolutely love.

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Him

While there is a wide selection of fine jewelry for women, finding stylish accessories for men can be a challenge. Gone are the days when watches were the only option for men’s jewelry. Modern designs have opened up a new world of possibilities, from unique metals to simulated diamond jewelry. If you’re looking for the perfect present for the male in your life, here’s everything you need to know for the best jewelry gift ideas fit for a king:

  • For physically demanding jobs or working around machinery, a traditional band-style ring without raised stones is recommended to prevent finger and knuckle injuries.
  • If he works in an office job, stick to simple, modern designs that look tidy and approachable, such as yellow or white gold.
  • If he’s retired or works from home, any comfortable option like rings, bracelets, and necklace chains will work well.
  • For active individuals, choose ring sizes and avoid precious metals that tarnish with moisture.
  • If he frequently wears formal suits, a watch or ring would complement his attire.

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Friends

A best friend truly understands you—whether it’s a sister, roommate, coworker, or childhood friend. The traits you love in your best friend, like honesty, humor, and generosity, create a strong bond that lasts for years. So, why give your friends the gift of jewels? Whether you choose necklaces, rings, bracelets, or earrings, it’s a tangible and beautiful way to share something unique. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate your friendship and create lasting memories.

You can mark your friendship with a thoughtful gift for an anniversary, a new job or relationship, graduation, or just because, a friendship knows no season. Remember, it’s the meaning behind the jewelry that truly matters. Choose a piece that signifies the depth of your friendship and shows how much you cherish her.

Jewelry for the Practical Person

Don’t rule out jewelry as a great gift, even for the most practical people in your life. Practical jewelry pieces can be worn daily, are durable, and easily match various outfits. Some examples of practical jewelry include stud earrings, simple bangles or bracelets, necklaces with small pendants, and classic watches. These pieces can be worn for any occasion, whether going to work or dressing up for a special event. Try bracelets and necklaces with an adjustable chain that can be tailored for multiple occasions.

Jewelry for Your Trendy Teenager

Are you struggling to find the perfect jewelry gift for the teenagers in your life? You can’t go wrong with jewelry! Buying jewelry for teenagers can be tricky. Fashion trends change quickly, and keeping up with what’s popular is hard. The great thing about being a teenager is that it’s all about self-expression, and jewelry is a perfect way to showcase their individual style. Whether they’re into gothic or girly, there’s something out there for every teen.

Consider their fashion influences, preferred styles, colors, and types of jewelry they tend to wear. For instance, earrings for an ear stack are a popular choice right now, but they can always be worn separately when trends change. Take their interests into account as well. Charm jewelry is a fantastic way to celebrate their passions and make the gift unique to them. Whether it’s a charm necklace or bracelet, you can add charms that represent their family, friends, or hobbies. And the best part is, you can keep adding charms for each new occasion or experience.

Personalized Jewelry Gifts

Personalized Bridal JewelryAt East Towne Jewelers, we believe that custom jewelry is the best way to show someone you care. It is designed specifically for the individual wearing it, reflecting their style and personality. But what makes custom jewelry such a special gift? With just a little planning ahead you can create something truly magical and meaningful that they will love.

Sentimental Value

Custom jewelry creates a lasting reminder of the giver and the memories associated with receiving it. It is a one-of-a-kind piece that will be treasured for generations to come.


Working with our jewelry designer allows you to establish a standard of quality for the piece. Each component can be carefully selected to ensure the finished piece looks its best and holds or increases in value over time.

Options and Versatility

Not sure exactly what you want? Bring in a picture or a similar piece, and our East Towne Jewelers designer can work with you to bring your vision to life using your preferred materials and colors. Customized pieces allow for endless creativity, representing a loved one’s unique personality, style, and favorite colors. An initial necklace or custom ring can add an extra touch of meaning.

Find the best jewelry gifts at East Towne Jewelers!

With the help of our friendly and approachable staff, you can find the ideal gift for someone special or gift yourself with something extraordinary. We pride ourselves on carrying only the most distinctive and unique pieces from renowned designers. You’ll be captivated by the stunning collections available when you visit us in-store.

However, if you want to go above and beyond for gift giving, try a customized piece curated especially for the recipient and occasion. See some of the truly unique custom jewelry we’ve created for other customers. Whether designing a completely new piece or repurposing stones from an heirloom, our East Towne Jewelers designer would love to create a masterpiece just for you.

Think of this guide as a starting place, but for the personal attention you deserve, stop into East Towne in Mequon, and let’s make every occasion truly special for those you love!

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